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Sweeney Law FirmRecall: St. Jude Medical Riata and Raiata ST silicone endocardial defibrillator leadsApproximately 79,000 patients have implantable cardioverter defibrillator leads manufactured by St. Jude Medical are part of a class 1 recall because of electrical dysfunction. The insulation on the electrical leads wear away too quickly causing conductor exposure. This can result in inappropriate shocks to the person, or a failure to...Sweeney Law FirmReducing Medical Lawsuits Doesn't Reduce Medical CostsIt has been a recent trend among doctors to order huge numbers of unnecessary and expensive tests like MRIs and CT scans solely to protect themselves from malpractice lawsuits. If this "defensive medicine" really happens, immunizing doctors from lawsuits should cut down on wasteful testing and...Sweeney Law FirmShelby County, Indiana Confirms Tuberculosis CasePublic health nurse Cecilia Ortiz told the board of directors of Shelby County Indiana Health Department this April that a tuberculosis case had been confirmed in Shelby County last month. The health department has been treating the infected adult with drugs recommended by the Indiana State Department of Health...Sweeney Law FirmShell Oil Faces Environmental Lawsuit in IllinoisResidents near Roaxana’s Oil Refinery in Illinois have filed a lawsuit against former refinery owner Shell Oil Co., claiming the major company is responsible for multiple oil leaks and spills over the years. The suit claims that the oil spills have led to serious contamination of the environment, including water...Sweeney Law FirmSigns of Nursing Home Neglect | Indiana Nursing Home AbuseWhen choosing a nursing home for a loved one, you expect a certain level of individual care and attention to be provided to that person. When the elderly or disabled suffer abuse or neglect, it can be difficult for them to perceive.VA Medication ErrorSouth Bend Man’s Family Alleges that VA Medication Error Responsible for DeathIndiana Medication Errors After suffering back pain related to arthritis, Frederick Milewski, a Navy veteran, was treated in August 2011 at a clinic that contracts with the Department of Veterans Affairs. A doctor prescribed Oxycodone for the pain. Two weeks later, Milewski , 55, was dead. The South Bend...Sweeney Law FirmSouthern Indiana Semi Truck Vehicle CollisionOn Wedneday July 27th, A fatal auto collision occurred on Interstate 64 in Crawford County, Indiana. The accident report stated that the victims were in a Fedex Semi Truck that left the highway and struck an overpass. There was one fatality, 51 year old James Loper and one injury, 36...Sweeney Law FirmSt Joseph County Medical Malpractice LawsuitA medical malpractice lawsuit in St Joseph County, South Bend, Indiana ended after only 3 days of trial on Thursday, July 28th when an out of court confidential settlement was reached. According to the details of the case, Brandi and Hector Lopez were seeking $10 million in damages alleging...Sweeney Law FirmState Fair Stage Collapse Personal Injury Lawsuits Scheduled for 2014Following the collapse of the main stage at the Indiana State Fair, multiple personal injury lawsuits have been filed against the state. Investigations may have shown that the rigging used to hold the equipment was insufficient to support the weight of the speakers, lights, and other equipment that fell during...Sweeney Law FirmStudents May Not Grasp Seriousness of Bomb, Gun Hoaxes, Officials SaySeveral teens have been arrested and are facing charges in Kentucky and Indiana for making threats or spreading rumors via social media about bringing guns to school, bomb threats, or threats of other violence. In addition to some students facing legal action from state law enforcement, schools are also taking...