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Class-Action Complaint against Indiana VA SystemVeterans File Class-Action Complaint Against VA SystemJanuary 16, 201913 veterans have filed a medical malpractice class-action complaint against VA Northern Indiana Health Care System.Federal Regulations for Hospital Online BillingINsight | Federal Regulations for Hospital Online BillingAttorney Dave Farnbauch sits down with INsight at the Sweeney Studios to talk about new federal regulations that make hospitals put their billing rates online.INsight | Nursing Home Injuries Amongst EldersINsight | Nursing Home Injuries Amongst EldersDave Farnbauch sits down with INsight at the Sweeney Studios to go over incidents of injuries to our elders in our nursing homes.Expert Witnesses in Medical Malpractice CasesINsight | Expert Witnesses in Medical Malpractice CasesDr. Nich King sits down at the Sweeney Studios to talk to INsight about the role of expert witnesses in medical malpractice cases.Differential DiagnosisINsight | Differential DiagnosisDr. Nich King sits down with INsight to go over Differential Diagnosis.INsight | Medical Complication vs. Medical MalpracticeINsight | Medical Complication vs. Medical MalpracticeDr. Nich King sits down with INsight to explain some of the differences between Medical Complications and Medical MalpracticeSettlement Funds with Structured Settlement AnnuitiesINsight | Settlement Funds with Structured Settlement AnnuitiesMike Herald from Prestwick Group talks to INsight about Settlement Funds with Structured Settlement Annuities at the Sweeney Studios.INsight Interview about VA Class Action ComplaintMarch 25, 2019Dr. Nich King and Denny Brown, from Geisleman & Brown Law Firm, speak with INsight about the class action medical malpractice complaint they've filed on behalf of 13 veterans from Northeast Indiana.Richard Sippitz sits with INsights to talk about his Medical Malpractice experience.INsights with Dr. Hammersley Malpractice PatientMarch 25, 2019INsights sat down with Richard Sipocz, a patient of Dr. Hammersley, and one of the veterans involved in the class action case against the doctor.Hazardous or dangerous conditions commercialHazardous Conditions CommercialFebruary 25, 2019Sweeney Law Firm's commercial about hazardous or dangerous conditions causing personal injury.