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numerous twenty dollar bills spread out in handWhat is Loss of Earning Capacity in a Wrongful Death Case?By Jack H. FarnbauchMay 22, 2020If you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of a wrongful death case, it is emotionally devastating. If the person who passed was the primary source of your family’s income, you will experience current and future income loss. group of pedestrians crossing a crosswalkNew Study Finds Pedestrian Deaths Hit Highest Level in 30 YearsBy Jack H. FarnbauchApril 30, 2020A new study out April 1, 2020 shows pedestrian deaths hit a 30-year high in 2019.royal Caribbean cruise shipLawsuit for Indiana Toddler Against Royal Caribbean Can Proceed According to JudgeBy Jack H. FarnbauchMarch 17, 2020A lawsuit filed in federal court by the family of an Indiana toddler who fell to her death off a cruise ship is moving forward. Sweeney Law Firm LogoGretchen Carlson, Democrats Push Bids To Rid Forced Arbitration ClausesBy Jack H. FarnbauchApril 19, 2017Journalist Gretchen Carlson was on Capitol Hill March 7, 2017 in order to push for legislation to stop the use of unfair forced arbitration clauses.Kroger Supermarket Must Face a Potential...Kroger Supermarket Must Face a Potential Negligence ClaimBy Jack H. FarnbauchNovember 24, 2016An Indiana Kroger store must answer to a claim of negligence after a medication error led to the death of Sharon Clearwaters.Indiana Bar Not Negligent Because Shooting...Indiana Bar Not Negligent Because Shooting Was Not ForeseeableBy Jack H. FarnbauchNovember 20, 2016Marion Indiana bar and grill found not liable for the shooting death of one of it's innocent patrons. What You Should Know About Special Needs TrustsWhat You Should Know About Special Needs TrustsSeptember 7, 2015If you want to leave money or property to a loved one with a disability, you must plan carefully. Indiana Appeals Court Upholds Stage CollapseIndiana Appeals Court Upholds Stage Collapse Liability LimitMarch 26, 2015The Indiana Court of Appeals has upheld the state's $5 million cap on liability damages in a case brought by a 13-year-old Ohio girl who was hurt when a stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair. Man using social media on phoneInformation on Lawsuits and Social MediaMarch 13, 2015Any statements you make about your injury on a place like Twitter or Facebook will go public and easily used by an opposing legal team. Jury in Fertilization Lawsuit Finds DiscriminationJury in Fertilization Lawsuit Finds Discrimination | Fort Wayne LawyersMarch 11, 2015Jury in fertilization lawsuit finds Indiana diocese discriminated against fired teacher...