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Nursing Home Neglect:
Video: Insight Interview 05/11/2017Nursing Home Oversight May 11, 2017INsight Interview with David Farnbauch from 05/11/2017 explaining the governmental oversight of Nursing Homes and their performance score. Video: Insight Interview 11/02/2016Misconceptions of Nursing Home ArbitrationNovember 2, 2016INsight Interview with David Farnbauch from 11/02/2016 explaining the misconceptions of nursing home arbitration. Assisted Living Facilities Assisted Living Facilities - INsightINsight Interview with David Farnbauch explaining Assisted Living Facilities. Sweeney Law FirmForced Arbitration Agreements in Indiana Nursing HomesVideo with nursing home lawyer Dave Farnbauch discussing what a forced arbitration agreement is. Video: Fort Wayne Nursing Home Abuse AttorneysFort Wayne Nursing Home Abuse AttorneysVICTIM OF INDIANA NURSING HOME NEGLECT? It's a fact that nursing homes are a big business. The vast majority of nursing homes are for profit and half are part of chains. For profit nursing homes have on average 32 percent less nurses than their not for profit counter parts. The...Video: Important Considerations about Nursing HomesImportant Considerations about Nursing HomesHost 1: Welcome back to InSight. We are joined now by Dave Farnbaugh with the Sweeney Law Firm and we're going to talk today about nursing homes.This is something that lots of generations are dealing with today because whether you are getting ready to make that transition into a nursing...Sweeney Law FirmIndiana Nursing Home Pressure Sores | Nursing Home NeglectThe Sweeney Law Firm is committed to standing up for seniors. Especially those who require nursing home care. Far too many nursing home residents develop pressure sores from improper care. Every year billions of health care dollars are spent on hospital treatment for elderly patients who develop pressure sores that...Sweeney Law FirmLegal Claims Against Indiana Nursing Homes | Indiana Nursing Home NeglectIndiana ranks almost dead last in the United States for quality of nursing home care.  1 in 4 Indiana nursing homes have been cited for severe care deficiencies and neglect of residents. This video explains some of the Indiana nursing home laws. The Sweeney law firm has specialized in handling nursing...Video: Neglect in Nursing HomesNeglect in Nursing HomesLEE KELSO With an ever aging population more and more people are going to require long term care in a nursing home facility. Despite the compassionate and dedicated care provided by the vast majority of nurses and CNAs who take care of the nursing homes, there are some alarming statistics...Indiana Nursing HomeNursing Home Abuse Lawyer Indiana | Fort Wayne Elder LawHas Your Loved One Suffered a Nursing Home Fall? Did you know that every year more than 1800 of our nation's elderly lose their lives in nursing home falls. Those who survive nursing home falls frequently sustain debilitating hip fractures and head injuries that cause permanent disability and reduced quality...