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Forced Arbitration Agreements in Nursing Homes

Forced Arbitration Agreements in Indiana Nursing Homes

Video with nursing home lawyer Dave Farnbauch discussing what a forced arbitration agreement is.  This agreement is saying that you will handle any kind of disagreement you have with the nursing home in an arbitration and not have the right to go to court.

This could be a problem because the nursing home will hand pick the arbitration forum and it might be rigged in favor of the nursing home.

Mr. Farnbauch advises to not put your mom or dad in a nursing home that would ask you to sign a forced arbitration agreement.  Many of these nursing homes are corporations and for profit and that could be an indication of the type of care they might receive. 

The Sweeney Law Firm has been handling nursing home neglect cases for over 20 years.  Families that come to see us have a common goal, they want to make sure what happened to their loved one in a nursing home, doesn't happen to someone else.

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