Attorney Referrals

A significant part of our practice is collaboration with other lawyers on serious injury cases. The Sweeney Law firm has formed referral relationships with many lawyers and law firms in northeast Indiana and western Ohio on serious bodily injury cases and medical negligence matters. We also serve as “local counsel” for out of state law firms on a regular basis and are proficient in assisting out of state counsel obtain pro hac admission to practice in Indiana state and federal courts.

“There are many capable lawyers who collaborate with us on complex injury cases but do not feel comfortable with the risk and expenses that are associated with these cases. It’s a win-win situation because a referring lawyer can share in a potential recovery without financial risk” says Farnbauch."

The Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct permit fee-splitting between attorneys not in the same law firm provided: (1) each attorney assumes joint responsibility for the representation, (2) the client agrees to the arrangement, including the share each attorney will receive, in writing, and (3) the total fee charged to the client is reasonable.

We embrace “flexibility” when it comes fee splitting or local counsel arrangements. The value of the claim, the funding of the litigation expenses and the level of involvement by the referring attorney will all influence the terms of a fee split agreement but our goal is to always treat referring counsel like we would be expect to be treated.