We live in an era where most people receive the bulk of their information through some form of visual media, such as the internet, or television. When citizens are called upon to serve as jurors in a personal injury or medical malpractice trial, they receive an extensive amount of information throughout the trial. Jurors expect to receive evidence and information in a visual format that is both accurate and compelling to assist them in arriving at a fair and just verdict at the conclusion of the trial. Over the years, we have learned that the use of courtroom technology can capture a jury’s attention and keep them engaged throughout the trial. 

The Sweeney Law Firm utilizes the following technology tools at trial to assist the jury in understanding the facts of the case:

  • animations of how an event occurred
  • medical animations and medical illustrations
  • colorized imaging studies
  • comprehensive timelines of events and damage/injury summaries
  • custom demonstrative exhibits and computer-generated graphics
  • hi-def document camera and hi-def video evidentiary depositions with picture-in-picture capability 

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