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Car accident survivor suffers in her life.Lifestyle CommercialDecember 13, 2019Sweeney Law Firm commercial about getting back to life after a car accident.Sweeney Law Firm's commercial about distracted drivingDistracted Driver CommercialFebruary 25, 2019Sweeney Law Firm's commercial about distracted drivingTired Trucker CommercialTired Trucker CommericalFebruary 25, 2019Sweeney's commercial about tired truckers and vehicular collisions.Video from Indiana personal injury attorney Dave Farnbauch on drinking at parties and how the host can be liable. Social Host Liability & Recreational Vehicle LiabilityAugust 30, 2016Video from Indiana personal injury attorney Dave Farnbauch on drinking at parties and how the host can be liable. In Indiana there is something called "Social Host Liability"and if you serve liquor to someone who is visibly intoxicated, you can be held liable.Video: Accident Dos and Don'tsAccident Dos and Don'tsHost 1: Welcome back to INSight. We are joined now by Dave Farnbaugh and we’re going to talk about a really important topic, something that people don’t necessarily think of until they’re in a situation. What do you do after you’ve been involved in an accident? It’s just one of...Video: Auto AccidentsAuto AccidentsLEE KELSO Every year thousands of Hoosiers are injured on roadways and motor vehicle accidents. Here today to talk about why there is an increase in the number of accidents on Indiana roadways is veteran trial attorney David Farnbauch, a personal injury attorney from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Thanks for joining...Video: Having Adequate Vehicle Insurance CoverageHaving Adequate Vehicle Insurance Coverage“This is the time of year when a lot of people are involved in serious motor vehicle accidents weather that be motorcycles or on highways when there is more travel. What we see frequently in our office is when people are involved in a serious accident, there is often times...Video: Importance of Uninsured Motorist CoverageImportance of Uninsured Motorist Coverage“You’re going to have to rely on your own Uninsured Motorist Coverage to protect you for your medical expenses, your lost wages, for your injuries, permanency, those types of things.” “Dave Farnbaugh is an injury lawyer with Sweeney Law Firm and says it’s critical to carry coverage protecting yourself against...Video: Indiana Cell Phone Accident LawyersIndiana Cell Phone Accident LawyersCell phones are a great way to stay connected. Unfortunately there is an alarming increase in the number of accidents that are caused by distracted drivers. Texting and driving endangers all of us who use the roadways. If you have be injured by a driver who was talking on their...Sweeney Law FirmLocal Bank Sued After Employees Help Drunk DriverBank Employees Help Drunk Driver Change Tire On September 27, 2012, then 29-year-old Gabriel A. Biddle pulled into the iAB Bank's Leo branch sometime before 2:30 p.m. Biddle first tried to enter the drive-thru going the wrong way and then stopped, his silver Toyota Corolla having a flat tire. According...