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Dangerous toys 2012Dangerous toys 2012December 13, 2012Toys that made the 2012 dangerous toy list violated sound levels considered safe, contained toxic substances, were choking hazards, were marketed to children too young for safe usage, or had safety label violations. Toys listed included:Dragster cars by zwindups Bowling game by Cool Novelty Products Ball on a Stick Launcher...Spray SunscreenBanana Boat Recalls Sunscreen Due to Fire RiskOctober 22, 2012Twenty three varieties of Banana Boat sunscreen are being voluntarily pulled from store shelves by the manufacturer of these products as five injuries from burns have been reported in the US and Canada this year. The spray valve is believed to be faulty, causing the product to be over applied...Indiana Supreme Court Issues 30 Day Rule on...Indiana Supreme Court Issues 30 Day Rule on Direct Mail Solicitation of Accident VictimsOctober 15, 2010Indiana Trial Lawyers Association Responds to Supreme Court Rule Indianapolis- The Indiana Trial Lawyers Association has learned that the Indiana Supreme Court will be promulgating a new rule imposing a 30 day moratorium on direct mail legal solicitation. In May of 2007, ITLA’s Board of Directors voted in favor...Indiana Finally Moving Toward ""Plain English"" Jury InstructionsIndiana Finally Moving Toward ""Plain English"" Jury InstructionsSeptember 3, 2010INDIANA JUDGES ASSOCIATION ANNOUNCES PLAIN ENGLISH CIVIL JURY INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE ON LEXISNEXIS The Indiana Model Civil Jury Instructions, written in plain English, are now available through LexisNexis. The new instructions were prepared by the Civil Instructions Committee of the Indiana Judges Association (IJA). The IJA is...Ind. Court Rules Atty Fees Not Recoverable in...Ind. Court Rules Atty Fees Not Recoverable in Adult Death CasesJuly 20, 2010Attorney fees not recoverable under adult wrongful death statute July 20, 2010 The Indiana Court of Appeals today disagreed about an issue of first impression regarding recovery of attorney fees under the adult wrongful death statute.  In Jeffery H. McCabe, As Representative of the Estate of Jean Francis McCabe, Decedent...Sweeney Law FirmIt's Time for Forced Arbitration to Come to an EndMay 5, 2009David Lazarus - LA Times May 3, 2009 If you have a credit card, a cellphone or even just a job, chances are you've already signed away your right to sue if something goes wrong. Mandatory arbitration clauses have become a routine part of the fine print in most financial,...Sweeney Law FirmTort Reform Videos - Coming to a Theatre Soon!April 29, 2009By: Ashby Jones - Wall Street Journal  And now for a little curmudgeonly rant: We don’t like movie trailers. Never have. We don’t like that they hold you captive before the movie starts, often give away far too much of a movie’s plot, and we really don’t like that these...Sweeney Law FirmIf Arbitration Is So Wonderful, Why Don't Corporations Arbitrate Against Each Other?October 16, 2008October 6, 2008 By JONATHAN D. GLATER, New York Times Corporate executives routinely sing the praises of arbitration clauses, the language buried in the fine print of contracts for mobile phones or credit cards, for example, that typically bars a consumer from going to court in the event of a...Sweeney Law FirmJury Awards 3.5 Million in Punitive Damages for USAA's Handling of Property ClaimApril 9, 2008By ALLISON HOFFMAN April 8, 2008 Marine captain who is on his third tour in Iraq was awarded $3.5 million in punitive damages Tuesday from a servicemembers' insurance company for water damage to his house. Capt. John Colombero already won $50,000 in damages for emotional distress last week after his...Sweeney Law FirmSenator Lott Learns the Importance of SuingDecember 5, 2006  Cross-posted from Tort Deform: The Civil Justice Defense Blog By Laurie Gindin Beacham, Communications Director & Joanne Doroshow, Executive Director, of the Center for Justice & Democracy Sometimes an issue doesn't hit home until one's home is hit.  That appears to be the case for new Republican Senate Whip...