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Sweeney Law FirmIf Arbitration Is So Wonderful, Why Don't Corporations Arbitrate Against Each Other?October 16, 2008October 6, 2008 By JONATHAN D. GLATER, New York Times Corporate executives routinely sing the praises of arbitration clauses, the language buried in the fine print of contracts for mobile phones or credit cards, for example, that typically bars a consumer from going to court in the event of a...Sweeney Law FirmJury Awards 3.5 Million in Punitive Damages for USAA's Handling of Property ClaimApril 9, 2008By ALLISON HOFFMAN April 8, 2008 Marine captain who is on his third tour in Iraq was awarded $3.5 million in punitive damages Tuesday from a servicemembers' insurance company for water damage to his house. Capt. John Colombero already won $50,000 in damages for emotional distress last week after his...Sweeney Law FirmSenator Lott Learns the Importance of SuingDecember 5, 2006  Cross-posted from Tort Deform: The Civil Justice Defense Blog By Laurie Gindin Beacham, Communications Director & Joanne Doroshow, Executive Director, of the Center for Justice & Democracy Sometimes an issue doesn't hit home until one's home is hit.  That appears to be the case for new Republican Senate Whip...Sweeney Law FirmAhead of Trial, Talk of a BP Settlement in 2010 Oil SpillBP officials insist that they will go to trial, the first of which begins Monday. US Justice Dept. officials are offering to settle part of the claims against BP for the 2010 offshore rig explosion that dumped 4 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Settlement offer is...Sweeney Law FirmAlcohol Related Wrongful Death | Hazing DeathThe Indiana Court of Appeals ruled that the national organization of a Wabash College fraternity where a freshman pledge died after a night of heavy drinking in an suspected hazing incident is not entitled to summary judgment. The lawsuit claims that Wabash College and the national Delta Tau...Sweeney Law FirmAmerican Association for JusticeThe American Association for Justice (AAJ) is dedicated to the protection of 7th Amendment rights and preservation of the civil justice system. There is no other organization that offers the depth and breadth of AAJ’s education, information-sharing and networking opportunities. Every day, The AAJ works to ensure that...Sweeney Law FirmATC Safety Program Comes Under ScrutinyMany types of systems, especially those concerning public safety, have programs in place that enable employees within the system, or users of the system to report errors, safety concerns, problems without fear of punitive damages or confidentiality issues. Air traffic control is no exception to this. The Air Traffic Safety...Sweeney Law FirmCadmium in Jewelry: Federal Regulators Failed to Protect Children from Cancer-Causing MetalsThe US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is under fire because many jewelry items manufactured in China and sold in this country contain high levels of the dangerous metal cadmium. The cadmium is dangerous if ingested, as it can remain in the body for years and acts as a carcinogen...Sweeney Law FirmDog Attack Results in Lawsuit Against Owner | Dog Bite Lawyers IndianaPaul Johnson of Middletown, Indiana has been charged criminally after his dog bit another man. According to a report filed by Middletown officer Kim Cronk, Johnson’s dog attacked Drew Cooper — the town’s clerk-treasurer — Dec. 4 while he was on an exercise run.Sweeney Law FirmEight Hospital Employees Oppose Mandatory Flu Shots, Get FiredSeveral employees working for IU Health in Goshen, IN were fired from the hospital for refusing the seasonal flu shot. Several other hospitals in Indiana also have vaccination requirements. Employees were allowed to apply for exemptions to the rule based on medical or religious reasons, and the hospital reviews the...