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Sweeney Law FirmFatal Occupational Injuries Statistics (2009) from Statistic BrainFirstly, this website has stats on nearly anything a person could ever wish to know. The only drawback is that the data does not cover the last couple of years. Statistics for fatal occupational injuries in 2009 totalled 4,551. Of this total, nearly 93% of the fatal injuries happened to...Sweeney Law FirmFort Wayne Dog Attack LawyersAggressive dogs can be a very costly and dangerous thing to own. Dog bites accounted for more than one-third of all homeowners insurance liability claim dollars paid out in 2012, costing nearly $490 million, according to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) and State Farm, the largest...Sweeney Law FirmIn Gun Debate, a Bigger Role Seen for InsurersThis article is about states considering mandatory liability insurance for gun owners. The states pondering such legislation are California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania. The measure is seen as an incentive for safe, responsible gun ownership. Irresponsible gun owners would face high premiums for the liability insurance, or...Sweeney Law FirmIndiana Dog Bite Victim's 57th SurgerySeven year old Indianapolis, Indiana resident Amaya Hess has gone through 57 surgeries to repair the damage done after being the victim of a savage dog attack in 2006. The most recent surgery at Riley hospital on Thursday, August 4th 2011 was to restore sight to her damaged right eye...Sweeney Law FirmIndiana Supreme Court Rules that Late Addition of Defendants OKUnder Indiana law, a Plaintiff has two (2) years from the alleged incident to file suit. This is called the Statute of Limitations. In Camoplast Crocker, LLC, The Kelch Corporation, and Seats, Inc. v. Schoolcraft, the plaintiff sued the original defendant, Magic Circle Corporation, d/b/a Dixie Chopper, for wrongful death. ...Sweeney Law FirmIndiana Wrongful Death LawyersINDIANA WRONGFUL DEATH LAWSUITS Michael Satterfield had tried and failed several times to quit drinking alcohol. He was arrested in December in Decatur County while driving drunk. He later quit his job and turned himself in. He was to serve a two-week sentence as part of a plea deal. The...Sweeney Law FirmLeaf-Like Material “Traps Bedbugs,” say ResearchersA Balkan solution for bedbug woes uses leaves from the kidney bean plant to hook and trap the unwanted pests. Scientists are looking into how and why this works as bedbug problems become an increasingly troubling problem in every part of the world. Institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, hotels,...Sweeney Law FirmLeafy Greens Top Source of Food Poisoning in USA study by the Centers for Disease Control has found that the food group of leafy green vegetables is the most likely to result in food poisoning. Approximately 20% of food poisoning cases involves greens such as spinach, lettuce, kale, etc. The key to preventing food borne illnesses is in...Sweeney Law FirmMonsanto Settlement with West Virginia Residents ApprovedA West Virginia judge approved a $93M settlement that was reached last February for residents of Winfield, W. Va. This town formerly hosted the Monsanto Nitro plant. The settlement includes $84M for medical monitoring and $9M for clean up of 4,500 homes affected by Monsanto producing agent orange, herbicides, and...Sweeney Law FirmTort Reform explained by Susan Saladoff on The Colbert Report  Susan Saladoff, a medical malpractice attorney for 26 years has created “Hot Coffee,” a 2011 documentary that explores the impact of tort reform on the United States judicial system. The title “Hot Coffee” is named after the controversial 1994 Liebeck v. McDonalds Restaurants lawsuit which helped spark the debate...