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Lawsuit Alleges Negligence in Decatur County Jail Death


Michael Satterfield had tried and failed several times to quit drinking alcohol. He was arrested in December in Decatur County while driving drunk. He later quit his job and turned himself in. He was to serve a two-week sentence as part of a plea deal. The plan was to use his jail time to get away from alcohol and seek treatment after he got out.

After 4 days in jail, Mr. Satterfield died due to alcohol withdrawal. A wrongful death lawsuit filed against Decatur County Sheriff Gregory Allen and several of his jail staff alleges they failed to provide timely medical treatment after Satterfield showed symptoms of delirium tremens, the most serious and sometimes deadly form of alcohol withdrawal that involves hallucinations and mood swings.

At no time during the four days that Satterfield showed signs of alcohol withdrawal did the jail’s medical doctor come to examine him, the complaint said. The lawsuit alleges that despite knowing that Satterfield’s deteriorating condition needed emergency medical attention, none of the jail deputies took him to the hospital.

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