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Fatal Occupational Injuries Statistics (2009) from Statistic Brain

Firstly, this website has stats on nearly anything a person could ever wish to know. The only drawback is that the data does not cover the last couple of years. Statistics for fatal occupational injuries in 2009 totaled 4,551. Of this total, nearly 93% of the fatal injuries happened to males. Transportation accidents and highway accidents were the two largest subcategories of duties being performed when fatality occurred-amounting in 61% of cases. 

Interestingly, the difference between the types of industry, be they service-oriented or manufacturing, did not show a great difference in numbers for fatal accidents. Service-related industry accidents accounted for 49% of accidents, while manufacturing job fatalities were 40%. The construction occupation is usually assumed to have a high rate of accidents. It accounts for 18% of occupational fatalities. Occupations dealing with transporting are the category with the highest fatalities (23%). This is why car insurers always ask how many miles or hours one spends in a car daily- being on the roadways is the most dangerous task any person undertakes in a day. Lastly in this data, males of white background (70%), and between the ages of 35 to 65 (64%) are the group most likely to be killed in a workplace-related accident.