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Indiana Dog Bite Victim's 57th Surgery

Seven year old Indianapolis, Indiana resident Amaya Hess has gone through 57 surgeries to repair the damage done after being the victim of a savage dog attack in 2006. The most recent surgery at Riley hospital on Thursday, August 4th 2011 was to restore sight to her damaged right eye. Amaya was only two years old when a Pit Bull Terrier escaped from an Indiana neighborhood and grabbed Amaya out of her stroller and inflicted multiple dog bites during the dog’s attack. The dog’s attack tore apart her ear, eye, nose, and ripped off her scalp. Amaya was in a coma for three months after the attack.

After 56 operations to reconstruct her face, Amaya was “super excited” to have her 57th sugery and the possibility of regaining sight in her right eye after being mauled by the Pit Bull. The latest surgery was special because it was the only procedure that Amaya specifically asked for. She wanted to get her eye repaired more than the surgery she was originally scheduled for which would have reconstructed her ear.

Amaya’s mother Bobbie said she will never take her daughter to parks or neighborhoods where dogs are not on leashes. Bobbie says that “Amaya is not as scared of dogs as I am because she was asleep when it happened”

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