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Dog Attack Results in Lawsuit Against Owner


Paul Johnson of Middletown, Indiana has been charged criminally after his dog bit another man. According to a report filed by Middletown officer Kim Cronk, Johnson’s dog attacked Drew Cooper — the town’s clerk-treasurer — Dec. 4 while he was on an exercise run.

Cooper said that while he was running east, he heard some barking behind him, then suddenly “went flying forward off his feet onto the hard pavement,” the report said. After being knocked down, Cooper was “sprawled on his stomach with his face inches away from the road surface,” wrote Cronk, a former Henry County sheriff. When the victim rolled over, “he found a large brown dog standing over him barking in a threatening manner,” the document said.

Cooper stated that he will be filing a civil lawsuit against the dog owner. Under Indiana law, Cooper will be able to file a negligence claim for the injuries that he suffered to recover damages for his medical bills as well as damages for pain and suffering.

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  1. Evaluate the dog;
  2. Interview the dog owner;
  3. Interview the veterinarian and obtain the veterinarian records on the dog;
  4. If the city or county “animal control” department is involved in the case, we will interview the animal control officers and obtain the animal control records;
  5. Interview the dog groomer;
  6. Interview neighbors of the dog; and
  7. Inspect and photograph the scene of the attack.

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