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Eight Hospital Employees Oppose Mandatory Flu Shots, Get Fired

Several employees working for IU Health in Goshen, IN were fired from the hospital for refusing the seasonal flu shot. Several other hospitals in Indiana also have vaccination requirements. Employees were allowed to apply for exemptions to the rule based on medical or religious reasons, and the hospital reviews the requests to decide whether to grant the employees a vaccination waiver. The hospital views the seasonal flu as preventable by the vaccine, and feels that patient safety is their highest priority. 

The employees in this article refused the vaccine for different reasons. For some, past illness from prior flu vaccinations was a reason for refusing to be vaccinated. Allergic reactions to ingredients in the vaccines is a valid reason for refusing the vaccine. The former employees in this article did not suffer allergic reactions to the flu vaccine. Vaccines contain parts or whole flu viruses in addition to many chemical components that some find objectionable and harmful. To the three former employees in the article, they mainly objected to not having a say as to what goes into their body, as the vaccine contains a high dose of a harmful mercury-containing compound. Another argument against the flu vaccine is its only partially effective at preventing flu spread. The vaccine varies from year to year and is inoculated with several flu strains that are thought to be the up and coming threats. Also, the continuously mutating nature of viruses in nature makes them an ever-changing threat. Another point made by the nurses is that they knew how to use natural immune-boosting methods and methods of prevention as health care professionals to reduce their chances of contracting and spreading the flu to their patients- as opposed to being forced to utilize chemical/pharmaceutical methods. 

This topic is likely to keep coming in the next few years. People still had the right to choose what happened to their own bodies. They were just refused that choice if they wanted to remain employed with these hospitals. It is an interesting question to pose: Do you possibly sacrifice your own health and principles for the sake of the health of those you take care of or work for? 

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