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January 12, 2024

Daren Niemi, from Sweeney Law Firm, stopped by the studio to talk about the process you can expect when coming to Sweeney Law Firm to pursue a claim. You can catch Daren, along with other guests, on ABC's INsight. 

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Tony Betton (00:00:00:00 - 00:00:15:18): Hey, everyone. Welcome back. You are watching inside right now. We are here with attorney Darren Niemi, with Sweeney Law Firm, to be able to continue our discussion on medical malpractice. Now, Darren, again, it's a pleasure to be able to be here as we continue this conversation and discuss what exactly is medical malpractice.

Tony Betton (00:00:15:18 - 00:00:26:02): I wanted to be able to know more about the process. Right. So being able to figure out how to pursue this claim, because I'm sure it's a lot of steps and a lot of things that go into it. Tell me a little bit more about the process.

Daren Niemi (00:00:26:02 - 00:00:36:21): Absolutely, Tony. So the process starts when we initially get contacted by either a patient or their family who have questions about the medical care that they have received.

Daren Niemi (00:00:36:22 - 00:00:52:18): So what we do is we schedule an interview and we ask them to provide as much information as they can, as they have at that time. Now, oftentimes they don't have all the information with them, but we try and get as much information at that time.

Tony Betton (00:00:52:18 - 00:01:00:13): Now, when it comes to certain circumstances that people are maybe dealing with, what are some of the circumstances that people could possibly come in contact with?

Tony Betton (00:01:00:18 - 00:01:04:02): Like you said, I mean, it's a lot of medical records that you guys are dealing with.

Daren Niemi (00:01:04:02 - 00:01:31:16): Absolutely. So, again, when we have to pursue these claims, what we are looking for is what is contained in the medical records. So after we've had that that interview with the clients to look through to get that information, we get the medical records and now the medical records are going to have all the information that we need so that we can send those out to our experts to review and let us know what exactly it is we are looking at in this specific circumstance.

Tony Betton (00:01:31:16 - 00:01:42:08): Okay. In those cases, I mean, is it difficult for people to try to be able to transfer those medical records? Is this just something that's just too easy request or when it comes to the way that you guys are using them? Like you said, you have to go through a lot of information.

Daren Niemi (00:01:42:08 - 00:01:48:03): So absolutely, we do. And what we do is we actually get the medical records ourselves.

Daren Niemi (00:01:48:05 - 00:02:11:18): Once we compile all those records together, then we are able to send those off for physicians to review. It's a very difficult process to do on your own. So that's why we take we take the reins there and we go forward. We get our experts involved here early. We want to have them go through those those records and really point out in detail this is where something went wrong.

Daren Niemi (00:02:11:23 - 00:02:16:08): This is why it went wrong. And this is the effects that it had. Yeah,

Tony Betton (00:02:16:08 - 00:02:28:22): you mentioned it being a difficult process. So if someone is saying, hey, is this going to be something that's a speedy process? Is this going to be something that I can get taken care of rather quickly? I guess it could kind of vary depending on the severity of the case, depending on how many records.

Tony Betton (00:02:29:02 - 00:02:35:07): But if someone's coming in saying, how difficult is this process? We know that it is difficult, but what can they look forward to having to deal with?

Daren Niemi (00:02:35:07 - 00:02:44:00): Well, we fight. Okay. This is not an automobile accident claim where I just get to send off a letter to an insurance company. We are dealing with hospitals. We are dealing with doctors.

Daren Niemi (00:02:44:00 - 00:03:03:18): They are going to fight us tooth and nail every step of the way. And so at that time, it's not something that we are going to be able to resolve just in a matter of weeks here. This takes time to build the case. We have to build it up from every step. And we do that. And we have a good record of success because of how we know how to handle these claims.

Tony Betton (00:03:03:20 - 00:03:18:01): Wow, that's a lot of information. Is it? Definitely some hard truth in there, but important to be able to address this is not going to be an easy process. May be difficult. It may take some time. Anything, lastly, that you want to kind of want to tack on or add on when it comes to the process of medical malpractice?

Daren Niemi (00:03:19:01 - 00:03:29:15): Absolutely. I would just say give us the opportunity to work those claims and be patient with us. Again, these are difficult claims and they take time, but we succeed in them.

Tony Betton (00:03:29:15 - 00:03:34:06): Yeah, allow some time, have that trust and know that getting the job done. Thank you so much, dear. We appreciate you.

Daren Niemi (00:03:34:06 - 00:03:35:02): I appreciate it, Tony.

Tony Betton (00:03:35:02 - 00:03:37:09): Everyone, take a look at your screen right now.

Tony Betton (00:03:37:09 - 00:03:48:06): You can find out more information about any law firm breaking down the process of medical malpractice. If you feel like this is something that you may be dealing with, you've got some questions. Go ahead. Reach out. We'll be right back.