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Muncie Pain Management Clinic Raided Over Medication Error Allegations

Indiana Medication Errors

Local police joined state and federal investigators in the raid of the Centers for Pain Relief (also known as the Indiana Pain Center) amid allegations of over-prescribing of pain medications. Officers served a search warrant for records relating to the possible over-prescribing of medications as well as "possible forgery and fraud," according to the Indiana attorney general's office.The target of the investigation is physician William Hedrick, who founded the chain of pain clinics in northern Indiana.

Since a few months before the Muncie office opened, the DEA said, eight Hedrick pain clinic patients had died of drug overdoses. The DEA alleged that previous actions against Hedrick limited the number of nurse practitioners and physicians assistants he could have working for him and required another physician to review Hedrick's patient files. The reviewing physician found Hedrick had prescribed "non-standard" doses of drugs and "inappropriate" prescribing, such as prescribing Lunesta and Ambien simultaneously. Many pharmacies refused filling many of Hedrick’s prescriptions.

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Victim of Medication Error?

Medication Errors

According to a 2006 Institute of Medicine report, medication errors harm an estimated 1.5 million people in the United States every year.  implementing a system a double-checking a patient's medication has been shown to detect more than 95 percent of potential medication errors

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