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Moped Driver Killed as Result of Negligent Driver

Moped Driver Killed as Result of Negligent Driver

South Bend police are searching for the driver of a pickup truck who hit a moped on August 24, 2014. The moped driver was killed after being dragged underneath the truck for nearly 1,000 feet. The driver was dislodged from underneath the truck after nearly 2 blocks. A passenger on the moped suffered serious injuries but is expected to survive. She says all she remembers is that the truck came speeding up behind the moped while she and the driver were out riding early in the morning. The passenger suffered broken legs and a broken pelvis.

The passenger claims that the truck came up from behind the moped at a high rate of speed and This clear hit-and-run accident is clearly a crime but negligence on the part of the pickup truck is still unknown. Police have still not found the driver of the pickup truck but if they do, it is likely that both the family of the driver and the passenger will have a case against the driver of the pickup truck driver for negligence.

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