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Indiana Moves to Ban Cell Phone Use on Roadways

By Jack H. FarnbauchFebruary 29, 2020

Nearly a decade after the Indiana General Assembly passed a law meant to prohibit the use of cellphones for texting or sending emails while driving, legislators on February 24, 2020 passed a bill that almost completely bans handheld device use for drivers in moving vehicles. Legislators are looking to curb auto accidents.

The bill prohibits drivers from holding or using devices while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. Hands-free use is allowed for making calls or receiving GPS directions. The exception to the ban is that drivers can hold and use phones to make 911 calls in emergencies.

State senators voted in bipartisan fashion to pass an amended version of the original bill 43-4, and it awaits a final vote in the state House of Representatives before making its way to the governor’s desk. The House passed the original proposal 86-10 on Jan. 29 and is expected to agree to the Senate amendments. If passed by the House and signed into law, the bill will take effect on July 1, 2020.