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Car Accidents Can Have a Lasting Affect

By Jack H. FarnbauchJanuary 20, 2021

Car accidents often happen without a warning. Common injuries sustained in a car accident include, but are not limited to lacerations, soft-tissue injuries, fractured or broken bones, head injuries, back and spinal injuries, and sometimes in the most unfortunate situation, a person’s death. Often, after a car accident, you may be left with long lasting effects from your injuries. 

You may need rehabilitation to help regain your strength or range of motion. Your injuries could affect your mobility, your appearance, or your typical way of doing things for yourself. For these reasons, car accidents can be traumatic and can lead to post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression. Sometimes, injuries sustained in a car accident may prevent the victim from working because they need time to heal and recover. Other times, the victim may be permanently disabled, resulting in a significant financial burden.

Along with physical and mental injuries, significant stress may be placed on relationships with family members, friends, spouses, and co-workers, all stemming from unhappiness a person may feel after a car collision. 

Not only everything mentioned above, the injured party is expected to be able to focus long enough to deal with insurance companies to have their car fixed or handle their medical bills. There is no doubt a car accident can leave you feeling stressed, with lasting effects for years to come. 

Be sure to contact a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney after a car accident. 

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