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More Women, More Complications with Minimally Invasive Kidney Stone Surgery

Complications for women having minimally invasive surgery for kidney stone removal increased over a ten year period. The specific procedure known as percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) involves kidney stone extraction via a back incision and scope. Studies were done to see whether increased complications were the result of increased numbers of the surgery being performed, or something else. 

The study considered many factors, determining that the increase in complications was due to several factors. There was a doubling of incidents of sepsis occurring. Complications were also found to be more likely in women who suffered from other co-occurring health issues. The number of women having the surgery and being afflicted with other health concerns is the most likely reason for the rise in numbers of complications from the procedure. 

The study found that the number of men having this procedure for kidney stones over the same ten year period did not grow as substantially as the number of women having the procedure.

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