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Misdiagnosis Responsible for Ebola Scare in Texas

With all the talk of Ebola, it is important to remember that a patient in Dallas, Thomas Duncan, showed up at a Dallas hospital on Sept. 26 with a temperature of 100.1 degrees. He told the nurse he had recently traveled to the United States from Liberia, the hospital has acknowledged, but he was sent home with antibiotics when he would have been most contagious.

Duncan returned to the hospital in an ambulance two days later.

The hospital in question must now respond to their negligence. A week after the Ebola was discovered, the hospital said a "flaw" in its patient information software meant the doctor was not able to see the travel information that the nurse had entered. The hospital later retracted that explanation and has not offered another one. When asked about Mr. Duncan’s treatment, a hospital official stated that it's paying for Duncan's treatment for now. It was unclear, though, if he'll remain a "charity case."

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