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Sweeney Law FirmThe Medical Malpractice MythMay 30, 2006In January 2005, President Bush gave a speech on medical liability “reform” in Collinsville, Ill. The president’s podium was in front of bleachers full of cheering doctors, beneath a large banner that read: “Affordable Health Care.” President Bush’s speech proceeded through the medical malpractice myth point by point: the frivolous...$21.3M Awarded in Garage Door Indiana Personal Injury Suit$21.3M Awarded in Garage Door Indiana Personal Injury SuitIndiana Personal Injury Award for Garage Door Malfunction An Indianapolis man that was paralyzed from the chest down when he was crushed by a malfunctioning garage door back in 2006 has won a $21.3 million award from the company that had serviced and inspected the door.The damages award stemmed from...Sweeney Law Firm$390,000 verdict in Stahl vs Physician Dr. WeinbergerA Merrillville, Indiana jury returned a verdict of $390,000 in favor of William Stahl against former ENT physicial Dr. Mark Weinberger for medical malpractice. Sweeney Law Firm$6.4 Million Awarded after Misdiagnosed Heart ConditionA Pennsylvania jury has awarded $6.4 million to the children of 38 year old Derrick Harlem after ER Doctors misdiagnosed his heart condition.  On May 31st, 2009, Harlem passed out while playing basketball and was taken to the Temple University Hospital emergency. Even though Harlem’s symptoms were consistent with that...Settlement for incorrect dosage of anti-seizure medication$850,000 settlement for incorrect dosage of anti-seizure$850,000 settlement in a medical malpractice case against a neurologist who prescribed an incorrect dosage of anti-seizure medication.Sweeney Law Firm13 Year Old Awarded Nearly $3 Million For Faulty Wiring at Trailer Park | Indiana Personal InjuryA 13 year old boy visiting at the Lake Freeman lakeside trailer of a family friend was electrocuted when he went swimming in the lake; the boy’s parents blamed his death on faulty wiring at the trailer park. The owner of the trailer purchased the trailer back in 2001 and...Sweeney Law Firm2012 Annual Terminix City Ranking of Bed Bug InfestationsSince 2010 Terminix, a large company providing pest control services, has released an annual report of cities it deems to be the most infested with bed bugs. The report is based on the amount of service calls the company receives and the number of confirmed cases made by the pest...Sweeney Law FirmAging America: Elder Abuse on the RiseThis article is about an anonymous elderly woman who is living at a shelter that exists solely to support victims of senior abuse. This article also outlines why the number of senior abuse cases are on the rise. There are not enough shelters like this one to address the growing...Sweeney Law FirmAhead of Trial, Talk of a BP Settlement in 2010 Oil SpillBP officials insist that they will go to trial, the first of which begins Monday. US Justice Dept. officials are offering to settle part of the claims against BP for the 2010 offshore rig explosion that dumped 4 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Settlement offer is...Sweeney Law FirmAlcohol Related Wrongful Death | Hazing DeathThe Indiana Court of Appeals ruled that the national organization of a Wabash College fraternity where a freshman pledge died after a night of heavy drinking in an suspected hazing incident is not entitled to summary judgment. The lawsuit claims that Wabash College and the national Delta Tau...