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13 Year Old Awarded Nearly $3 Million For Faulty Wiring at Trailer Park

A 13 year old boy visiting at the Lake Freeman lakeside trailer of a family friend was electrocuted when he went swimming in the lake; the boy’s parents blamed his death on faulty wiring at the trailer park.

The owner of the trailer purchased the trailer back in 2001 and a short time later in 2002, he made efforts himself to improve the electrical work on the property. His efforts included running more electricity to the dock and replacing the junction box under the stairs by the shed. In August of 2002 he ran new wiring down to the dock, and in 2006 or 2007 he added a mercury vapor light. Bryan did this work personally and never had it inspected.

On the first day the 13 year old visited the park, him and other children went swimming in the lake while the adults occupied themselves with performing maintenance on the trailer. At one point the owner of the trailer changed a burned out fuse to get the outside lights working, then he took the children boating. It began raining, however, so everyone went inside the trailer and remained there the rest of the day. The next day the children went swimming again. As they did so, they began to feel a tingling sensation in their legs that made them decide to get out of the water. The other children made it out in time, but the youngest, the Plaintiff did not and suffered complications which lead to his death. A jury awarded the boy’s family with nearly $3 million for faulty wiring on the trailer that fell into the lake. 

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