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Sweeney Law FirmAmerican Association for JusticeThe American Association for Justice (AAJ) is dedicated to the protection of 7th Amendment rights and preservation of the civil justice system. There is no other organization that offers the depth and breadth of AAJ’s education, information-sharing and networking opportunities. Every day, The AAJ works to ensure that...Sweeney Law FirmATC Safety Program Comes Under ScrutinyMany types of systems, especially those concerning public safety, have programs in place that enable employees within the system, or users of the system to report errors, safety concerns, problems without fear of punitive damages or confidentiality issues. Air traffic control is no exception to this. The Air Traffic Safety...Sweeney Law FirmBe Very Careful When Signing Nursing Home Admission ContractsWhen your loved one becomes a resident at a nursing home, your loved one or a family member who is serving as a power of attorney or guardian will be asked to sign a written contract with the nursing home. In general, the nursing home contracts spells out the resident's...Sweeney Law FirmBest U.S. HospitalsHospitals that rank best in specific areas can be found at this site. Specialties of a hospital can include treatment for cancer, cardiovascular, gastroenterology, endocrinology, neonates, nephrology, neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics, urology. The rankings of hospitals listed are based on the following criteria: Offers care in a particular specialty-especially good outcomes...Sweeney Law FirmBill that Could Affect Medication LawsuitsA new bill introduced to the House and Senate could affect the future of medication-related lawsuits. The bill would require manufacturers of generic drugs to update product labeling to reflect safety information in a similar manner that brand name drugs are required to inform the public of timely safety information...Sweeney Law FirmBill To Establish Minimum Nursing Staff Ratios for Health Facilities Unlikely To Pass Indiana LegislatureIndiana House Bill 1023, sponsored by State Representative Clyde Kersey (D, 43rd Dist.), would set minimum direct care nursing staff ratios and registered nurse staffing for Indiana health facilities beginning July 1, 2012, but appears unlikely to pass this year. The bill would require every health facility, including nursing homes...Sweeney Law FirmBill would make compounders register with FDAThe bill was spurred on by the recent deaths and infections caused by fungal contamination of drugs from a New England compounding pharmacy. Many are wondering if compounding pharmacies lack oversight that might have prevented contaminated product release. The bill, the Supporting Access to Formulated and Effective Compounded Drugs Act,...Sweeney Law FirmCadmium in Jewelry: Federal Regulators Failed to Protect Children from Cancer-Causing MetalsThe US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is under fire because many jewelry items manufactured in China and sold in this country contain high levels of the dangerous metal cadmium. The cadmium is dangerous if ingested, as it can remain in the body for years and acts as a carcinogen...Sweeney Law FirmCan a Nurse Be Held Liable for Malpractice in IndianaINDIANA MALPRACTICE - NURSES As many can attest, when admitted at a hospital, the person you may see the most might be a nurse. As with doctors, nurses are healthcare professionals that can be held liable for a mistake. There are six different ways a nurse can commit malpractice: Failure to...Sweeney Law FirmCardiac Science Corporation AEDCardiac science corporation automated external defibrillators (AEDs) manufactured by Cardiac Science Corporation are part of a class 1 recall because of the units failing. AEDs are used to treat persons who are believed to have had a heart attack, and/or found unresponsive. The AED will detect heart rhythms and tell...