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Can a Nurse Be Held Liable for Malpractice?


As many can attest, when admitted at a hospital, the person you may see the most might be a nurse. As with doctors, nurses are healthcare professionals that can be held liable for a mistake.

There are six different ways a nurse can commit malpractice:

  1. Failure to follow standards of care. A nurse is responsible to provide the level of care that is expected by the profession.
  2. Failure to use equipment in a responsible manner. Nurses handle a lot of dangerous equipment that requires them to understand the capabilities and hazards of each item.
  3. Failure to communicate. A nurse needs to tell a doctor when he or she suspects that something is wrong with the patient.
  4. Failure to document. Every change in a patient’s status needs to be documented so that the other nurses and doctors can provide appropriate treatment.
  5. Failure to assess and monitor. A nurse needs to constantly monitor the patient’s health and report any serious changes to superiors in a timely fashion.
  6. Failure to act as a patient advocate. Nurses need to do what is in the patient’s best interest, even if it conflicts with their own ethical beliefs.

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