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Congress Considering Bill that Could Affect Medication Lawsuits

A new bill introduced to the House and Senate could affect the future of medication-related lawsuits. The bill would require manufacturers of generic drugs to update product labeling to reflect safety information in a similar manner that brand name drugs are required to inform the public of timely safety information. This would allow generic drug manufacturers to update safety information even if their brand name counterparts choose to delay releasing safety information to the public. Currently, generic name drugs are required to match brand name labeling exactly. This new law would allow consumers who take the less expensive generic forms of medication some protection against potential adverse side effects. 

This new bill could affect consumers who have been affected by generic drugs as well as brand name drugs. Presently, consumers have little protection against the adverse side effects of generic forms of drugs. Patients taking the generic form of a medication who suffer adverse side effects known to stem from both brand name and generic forms of the drug are unable to file suit against the larger brand name manufacturer. Allowing for prompt changing of safety information could allow generic drug consumers an added measure of protection.