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Sweeney Law FirmContaminated Steroid Solution Finally in CourtTwo years after news broke that hundreds of patients sickened by contaminated steroid solution, lawsuits on behalf of those patients against the company that made the solution and the clinics that bought and administered the injections are coming to life in civil courts. Indiana victims are part of a meningitis-related...Sweeney Law FirmCorrelating Car Accidents and the Time of DayThere is a block of time during the day when more car accidents tend to happen. The hours from three to nine pm on weekdays is the timeframe that most accidents occur in. From six to nine pm, more specifically, accidents are at a higher risk of occurring than at...Sweeney Law FirmCourt upholds $300,000 Verdict in "Patient Abandonment" The Indiana Court of Appeals upheld the first malpractice judgment against former Merrillville, Indiana nose doctor Mark Weinberger. This suit is one of more than 350 medical malpractice claims that have been lodged against Mark Weinberger where it is alleged that he performed unnecessary or poorly performed surgeries.Sweeney Law FirmCritical Errors rise to a Five Year Peak in 2010Indiana hospital and surgery center critical errors increased to 107 in 2010 from 94 the previous year according to the Indiana State Department of Health.  Fort Wayne’s Parkview Hospital lead the way, reporting five incidents. This put them into a tie with a South Bend hospital for the most critical...Sweeney Law FirmDementia Care Costing Over $150 billion, USAAge-related dementia is chronic, degenerative, and renders those who suffer from it dependent on care. It is the dependent long-term care costs for patients that has driven the annual price tag for dementia patients into the $150 billion plus range. 75-84% of the costs associated are for the care aspects...Sweeney Law FirmDisruptive Behavior Leads to Medical ErrorsHow well does my health care team get along? A Delaware Online article presents information on how the interaction between your medical providers and staff may affect you and your loved ones. The question is worth pondering, say experts in what is commonly called “disruptive behavior.” When doctors throw charts...Sweeney Law FirmDistracted Driving Laws Nationally and in IndianaEach day in the United States, more than 9 people are killed and more than 1,153 people are injured in crashes that are reported to involve a distracted driver according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Distracted driving is driving while doing another activity that takes your attention...Sweeney Law FirmDog Attack Results in Lawsuit Against Owner | Dog Bite Lawyers IndianaPaul Johnson of Middletown, Indiana has been charged criminally after his dog bit another man. According to a report filed by Middletown officer Kim Cronk, Johnson’s dog attacked Drew Cooper — the town’s clerk-treasurer — Dec. 4 while he was on an exercise run.Sweeney Law FirmDon't cry for nursing homes; industry reports healthy profits; lawsuits reflect poor patient careThis was a response to an article that was pointing out how long term care providers are leaving the state of Kentucky due to a lack of tort reform. Long term care industries are complaining that frivolous lawsuits are abundant, that the state does not have medical review panels, or...Sweeney Law FirmEditorial: Scooter Wars and Medicare FraudThis opinion piece brings up the ads seen frequently on tv that promise a substantial medicare payment towards mobility aids such as power wheelchairs and scooters. What is not often addressed is whether these devices are being paid for by government programs for people who don’t require them. Another issue...