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Video: Defective ProductsDefective ProductsCHARITY FREEMAN Every year hundreds of Indiana consumers are injured by products that are dangerous or defective, despite the fact that there is a federal agency, the Consumer Product Safety Commission. It is charged with protecting the public from unreasonable risk or death from consumer products. There is still a...Distracted Driving Commercial Distracted Driving Commercial Distracted Driving Commercial for Sweeney Law Firm​Video: Fall InjuriesFall InjuriesCHARITY FREEMAN We are here today to talk about a public health problem that does not receive a lot of attention or press coverage, but it's a serious health problem that's affecting millions of people every year. I am talking about injuries from falls and the statistics are sobering. Among...Sweeney Law FirmFocus Groups in Personal Injury CasesVideo from Fort Wayne Personal Injury Lawyer Dave Farnbauch from the Sweeney Law Firm.  Video talks about how the firm are using focus groups to hear the facts in a case and then deliberate as a jury would.  The focus groups will act as jurors and hear all the facts...Sweeney Law FirmForced Arbitration Agreements in Indiana Nursing HomesVideo with nursing home lawyer Dave Farnbauch discussing what a forced arbitration agreement is. Video: Fort Wayne Nursing Home Abuse AttorneysFort Wayne Nursing Home Abuse AttorneysVICTIM OF INDIANA NURSING HOME NEGLECT? It's a fact that nursing homes are a big business. The vast majority of nursing homes are for profit and half are part of chains. For profit nursing homes have on average 32 percent less nurses than their not for profit counter parts. The...Video: Having Adequate Vehicle Insurance CoverageHaving Adequate Vehicle Insurance Coverage“This is the time of year when a lot of people are involved in serious motor vehicle accidents weather that be motorcycles or on highways when there is more travel. What we see frequently in our office is when people are involved in a serious accident, there is often times...Video: Health Care Reform in IndianaHealth Care Reform in Indiana“We were just talking during the break, this is pretty timely, with the house passing health care legislation last night, and you said there were some things from a legal perspective that don’t add up.” “I think what I wanted to share with our viewers about the vote that just...House of Cards Commercial House of Cards Commercial House of Cards Commercial for Sweeney Law Firm. Video: How to Select the Right Nursing HomeHow to Select the Right Nursing HomeHost: Welcome back to INSight. We are joined now by Dave Farnbaugh from the Sweeney Law Firm and we're talking about something that’s really important to a lot of people my age, choosing a nursing home for our loved ones. People my age as our parents get to their older...