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Focus Groups in Personal Injury Cases

Video from Fort Wayne Personal Injury Lawyer Dave Farnbauch from the Sweeney Law Firm.  Video talks about how the firm are using focus groups to hear the facts in a case and then deliberate as a jury would. 

The focus groups will act as jurors and hear all the facts and evidence in case.   Then the focus group are videotaped during its deliberations and very valuable information can be gained from watching the focus group. This is one of the many tools that the firm uses to help its clients get the best possible outcome. 

The firm usually has two groups of eight to 10 people that they find to serve as focus group jurors and they present cases to them, usually through a moderator,  that presents both sides in an even-handed way and then they videotape these focus group jurors deliberating about the case and can gain very valuable information.  Lawyers don't always know what trips the trigger of people that are sitting on a jury. 

With the focus groups, they have one focus group that they call a concept focus group. Here they get the focus group jurors talking about the subject matter case and what they think is important  and their values as it pertains to the subject matter of the case. 

Then with the second focus group, they are asked to actually deliberate to a verdict. Where they come back with percentages of comparative fault or they come back with the damage award and say here's what we would award or here's what we think the damages are worth. That gives the firm some feedback on what to ask a real jury to award. These are valuable tools that the Sweeney firm uses to help get the best possible result for any of its personal injury clients.

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