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Video: Important Considerations about Nursing HomesImportant Considerations about Nursing HomesHost 1: Welcome back to InSight. We are joined now by Dave Farnbaugh with the Sweeney Law Firm and we're going to talk today about nursing homes.This is something that lots of generations are dealing with today because whether you are getting ready to make that transition into a nursing...Sweeney Law FirmIndiana Car Accident Attorneys | Fort Wayne Injury LawyerWith the cost of medical care and if you've been involved in a serious accident or the victim of a medical mistake. It doesn't take very long before you're overwhelmed with medical bills. One of the biggest fears that people have is that they're not going to be able to afford the medical care they'll need over the course...Video: Indiana Cell Phone Accident LawyersIndiana Cell Phone Accident LawyersCell phones are a great way to stay connected. Unfortunately there is an alarming increase in the number of accidents that are caused by distracted drivers. Texting and driving endangers all of us who use the roadways. If you have be injured by a driver who was talking on their...Video: Indiana Fall Accident AttorneysIndiana Fall Accident AttorneysDid you know that falls are the leading cause to injury death to those over the age of sixty five? Millions of people in the United States are injured every year to falls that could have been prevented had basic safety measures been followed. The Sweeney Law Firm understands...Video: Indiana Medical Malpractice Cases | Filing a Medical Malpractice CaseIndiana Medical Malpractice Cases | Filing a Medical Malpractice Case“I’ve heard in Indiana unlike some other states that someone who is injured or involved with medical malpractice say in a hospital or nursing home can’t file a lawsuit in court but instead have to file that case before a panel of doctors. Can you explain the reason for that?”...Sweeney Law FirmIndiana Medical Malpractice Cases | Review Your CaseWe have a board certified physician, Dr. Nicholas King who will review your case for free.  For over two decades the Sweeney Law Firm has been protecting the rights of patients in Indiana.  Video: Indiana Medical Malpractice Claim | Medical NegligenceIndiana Medical Malpractice Claim | Medical Negligence"Did you know that only one in seven victims of medical malpractice ever make a claim? Many people are reluctant to call an attorney about a medical mistake because they are worried about the cost of an attorney or worried about the cost of a legal claim."   "The truth...Sweeney Law FirmIndiana Medication Errors | Medical Errors Help IndianaAccording to a 2006 Institute of Medicine report, medication errors harm an estimated 1.5 million people in the United States every year.  implementing a system a double-checking a patient's medication has been shown to detect more than 95 percent of potential medication errors If you or a loved one have...Sweeney Law FirmIndiana Nursing Home Pressure Sores | Nursing Home NeglectThe Sweeney Law Firm is committed to standing up for seniors. Especially those who require nursing home care. Far too many nursing home residents develop pressure sores from improper care. Every year billions of health care dollars are spent on hospital treatment for elderly patients who develop pressure sores that...Informed Consent Explained Informed Consent Explained ​INsight Interview with Dr. King from Sweeney Law Firm explaining Informed Consent.