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Soldier with Medical Malpractice Claim Fights to Change Law Shielding Military DoctorsBy Jack H. FarnbauchNovember 4, 2019Currently, active duty service members cannot sue for medical malpractice or negligence because of the 1950 Supreme Court decision in Feres v. United States. The Tennessean Publishes Article on Doctor with 5 Overdose Deaths Moving to IndianaBy Jack H. FarnbauchNovember 3, 2019A doctor accused of multiple overdose deaths has moved from state to another after discipline from a health board.Medical Malpractice and TelemedicineBy Jack H. FarnbauchNovember 2, 2019With increased reliance on telemedicine, many physicians question whether the elimination of in-office, face-to-face patient encounters increases their potential medical practice liability risks. Indiana Malpractice Damage Caps Increase on July 1By Jack H. FarnbauchNovember 1, 2019On July 1, 2019, the caps on damages set by the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act increased for the second time in two years. The Problems with Electronic Medical RecordsBy Jack H. FarnbauchOctober 31, 2019With all the zooming in and out, it’s easy to end up in the wrong record. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to cancel an order because I was in the wrong chart.”A Day with Rick FriedmanFarnbauch to serve as Program Chair for A Day with Rick FriedmanDave Farnbauch is program Chair for an upcoming day-long seminar entitled "A Day with Rick Friedman".Drunk Driving Verdict AffirmedDrunk Driving Verdict of $21 Million Dollars AffirmedBy Jack H. FarnbauchMarch 23, 2019The driver's appeal was denied after the court found Clayton to have a history of drinking and driving.Hospitals reimbursements reduced due to high readmission rates.A Majority of Hospitals in Indiana will See Medicare Reimbursements Reduced because of Poor PerformanceBy Jack H. FarnbauchMarch 23, 2019Readmission rate is a determinant in the overall quality of care a hospital provides. Dozens of Indiana hospitals fell below the threshold.Medical malpractice and negligence have been separately defined.Court of Appeals Rules that there is Difference between Medical Malpractice and Medical Negligence By Jack H. FarnbauchMarch 23, 2019The court determined the distinction between medical malpractice and medical negligence.The expert called upon in this case was determined to be irrelevantMalpractice Suit Denied because Expert Fails to Provide What the Standard of Care Is By Jack H. FarnbauchMarch 23, 2019The court turned to precedent that a specialist in one area of practice is not expertly familiar with another.