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Lawsuit Against Pediatrician Molesting Patients

By Jack H. FarnbauchMarch 17, 2020

In a case that has been ongoing, Dr. Jonathon Cavins has been found guilty of molesting several of his juvenile male patients and a civil lawsuit is coming soon. The initial child came forward early in 2019. The 12-year-old boy said Cavins inappropriately touched him during a physical examination on February 4, 2019.

After Cavins' arrest, two other boys, ages 16 and 14, reported inappropriate conduct by Cavins during physical examinations. Detectives conducted forensic interviews with the boys and found that information obtained during the interviews was similar to what they found out in the interview with the 12-year-old, police said.

The parents of the 12-year-old filed the civil lawsuit against Cavins in March 2019. In an interview with IndyStar, the parents of the 12-year old said they had gone to Cavins for several years and had never had any issues with him. 

The parents of the 12-year-old boy said they decided to bring a civil case against Cavins because they want to continue to get help for their son, who they say has struggled with depression and still has nightmares from the incident. Authorities say the misconduct occurred at Witham Health Services, where Cavins was employed.

“The criminal process is to hold the perpetrator accountable," said Ashley Hadler, one of their attorneys in the civil case. "The civil process is to compensate the victims for the sexual abuse that they’ve suffered. And the sexual abuse of children is a lifetime of damages ahead of them. It’s medical expenses, problems with intimacy, problems with other interpersonal relationships. And that is something that they can only be compensated for though the civil justice system."

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