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New “Abuse Icon” will be Used on Nursing Home Compare ToolBy Jack H. FarnbauchApril 2, 2020On October 23, 2019, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) began use of a new “abuse icon” on Nursing Home Compare.Nursing Home LPN Disciplined by State Board of Nursing for Neglect of PatientsBy Jack H. FarnbauchApril 2, 2020Glenda L. Cox, a licensed practical nurse, has had her nursing license placed on indefinite probation for a minimum of two years after being disciplined for two incidents at Rawlins House Health and Living Community in Pendleton, Indiana. Personal Injury Cases and MediationBy Jack H. FarnbauchApril 2, 2020Personal injury cases are often expensive and time-consuming when they go to court.Suit Filed Against Carmel Schools for Failure to Protect Student from CoachBy Jack H. FarnbauchApril 2, 2020John Goelz, a former swim coach at Carmel High School, pleaded guilty last year to sexually exploiting a, then, 17-year-old student athlete and to possessing child pornography. The Top 10 Medication Errors and HazardsBy Jack H. FarnbauchApril 2, 2020The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), a nonprofit organization devoted entirely to preventing medication errors, has completed their most recent study and published the findings.Complaints of Medication Errors Vanish from Walgreens Corporate ReportBy Jack H. FarnbauchApril 2, 2020Pharmacy employees at Walgreens told consultants late in 2019 that high levels of stress and “unreasonable” expectations had led them to make mistakes while filling prescriptions and to ignore some safety procedures.Property Owners and Dog Bite LiabilityBy Jack H. FarnbauchApril 2, 2020American households include almost 90 million dogs, according to the American Pet Products Association. Indiana Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Power Company’s Liability for Malfunctioning StoplightBy Jack H. FarnbauchApril 1, 2020The Indiana Supreme Court justices heard oral arguments on the question of whether a utility company may face liability for people injured in a traffic crash in which a malfunctioning stop light played a role.Indiana County Hospitals Gaming Medicaid for Billions, Diverting from Nursing HomesBy Jack H. FarnbauchApril 1, 2020Indiana received $679 million last year in extra Medicaid payments to care for nursing home residents.Indiana Supreme Court Denies Transfer of Case Involving Altercation at Psychiatric Center with NurseBy Jack H. FarnbauchApril 1, 2020The Estate of Roy Martinez sued Oaklawn after Martinez died from injuries sustained in an altercation with Kennedy Kafatia, a resident assistant.