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Sweeney Law FirmStudy finds MDs not always honest with patientsA survey was conducted to establish if doctors lie, and about what. The biggest issue doctors are found to lie about is in telling a terminal patient that things are not as bad as the prognosis actually is. More than half the doctors surveyed admitted to doing this. Some of the...Sweeney Law FirmStudy Finds that Male Doctors are More Likely to be Sued Than FemalesMale doctors are more than twice as likely to have legal action taken against them than their female counterparts, a recent study found. Sweeney Law FirmSubstandard Drug ManufactureSubstandard drugs are not as much of a problem in this country as in some others. In the US, the Food and Drug Administration is a government oversight program that works to ensure that products are safe, produced in sanitary conditions, and have consistency. With drugs, it is important that...The Indiana Supreme Court's Decision in PatchettThe Patchett vs. Lee - admissibility of insurance write offs inBy David L. FarnbauchThe Indiana Supreme Court has ruled that evidence of insurance write-offs is admissible in cases involving plaintiffs who have government-funded health insurance such as Medicaid and Medicare.Tips for Choosing an OB/GYN DoctorTips for Choosing an OB/GYN DoctorPicking a OB/GYN doctor has is one of the bigger decisions that a woman or couple will make during their pregnancy. This is because the doctor holds both the health of the baby/babies in their hands as well as the mother’s health. That is why you need a doctor that...Sweeney Law FirmTop Medical Errors in Indiana in 2013 | Indiana Medical ErrorFor the past eight years, the Indiana State Department of Health has forced Indiana healthcare providers to report serious adverse events. This program was implemented in order to prevent these mistakes from happening in the future. Sweeney Law FirmUnnecessary ProceduresSome doctors say that unnecessary tests and procedures are to blame for increasing healthcare costs. Sweeney Law FirmUrgent Warning of New Bird Flu H7N9: Could Pose Global ThreatDozens of reported cases of a strain of avian influenza A are breaking out in urban China, with 11 deaths resulting. So far, the first few people who died of the virus had weakened immune function or other health problems that put them at a greater risk of complications. The...Sweeney Law FirmWhat is The Feres Doctrine?Did you know that military hospitals and health professionals cannot be sued for medical malpractice or negligence by military personnel during the performance of their duties? Due to a Supreme Court decision in 1950 known as the Feres Doctrine, military hospitals and health professionals are exempt from medical malpractice...Sweeney Law FirmWhen “Peer Review” Has Ulterior MotivesA judge upheld a jury’s initial decision against the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons for biased decisions against a doctor for testifying against another surgeon. Steven Graboff is a surgeon who belonged to the AAOS and was suspended for 2 yrs for testifying against an AAOS board member. AAOS has...