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Study Finds that Male Doctors are More Likely to be Sued Than Females

Male Dr.'s More Likely to  be sued then Female Dr.'s

Male doctors are more than twice as likely to have legal action taken against them than their female counterparts, a recent study found. The study, published last week in the journal BMC Medicine, affirms a well-established trend for the first time on a global level. The research also established that the disparity has not changed over the course of 15 years, despite the growing presence of women in the field.

A study from the American Medical Society found similar results in 2010, but its authors argued that the disparity is the result of male physicians being concentrated in positions with the highest number of claims — such as general surgeons or surgical subspecialists. According to the AMA female doctors were more heavily concentrated in positions such as pediatricians or psychiatrists, areas of practice that traditionally see less litigation.

There are a number of factors that come in to play when looking at these studies. For instance, the AMA report showed male doctors are more likely to own their own practice, and owners are more likely to be sued than are individual employees.

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