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Tips for Choosing an OB/GYN Doctor

Picking a OB/GYN doctor has is one of the bigger decisions that a woman or couple will make during their pregnancy. This is because the doctor holds both the health of the baby/babies in their hands as well as the mother’s health. That is why you need a doctor that you are comfortable with and confident that they will be there when it is time to deliver your baby. Here are some tips for choosing an OB/GYN doctor.

First, you should know whether the doctor will be the one who will actually deliver your baby. Some doctors are there for their patiets every step of the way, until contractions start and the baby is about to be delivered. This is important to know because it will be a very stressful and fast-moving process when it comes. Second, you and your partner are going to want to discuss your hopes for your birthing plan. If a natural birth is important, it is helpful to know whether a doctor is comfortable to assist you during the birth. Some doctors are partial to C-sections and epidurals and you need to know this.

Also, keep in mind the doctor’s hours when he/she is available to you. Ask about his or her hours and availability during after-hours. You are likely to want one close to your home so you are not traveling far. Also be sure to choose a doctor that you are comfortable with. Some prefer men and some prefer women. And finally, do your research on your potential doctor. There are plenty of websites where you can find information on doctors. Be prepared!


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