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Video: Indiana Medical Malpractice Cases | Filing a Medical Malpractice CaseIndiana Medical Malpractice Cases | Filing a Medical Malpractice Case“I’ve heard in Indiana unlike some other states that someone who is injured or involved with medical malpractice say in a hospital or nursing home can’t file a lawsuit in court but instead have to file that case before a panel of doctors. Can you explain the reason for that?”...Sweeney Law FirmIndiana Medical Malpractice Cases | Review Your CaseWe have a board certified physician, Dr. Nicholas King who will review your case for free.  For over two decades the Sweeney Law Firm has been protecting the rights of patients in Indiana.  Video: Indiana Medical Malpractice Claim | Medical NegligenceIndiana Medical Malpractice Claim | Medical Negligence"Did you know that only one in seven victims of medical malpractice ever make a claim? Many people are reluctant to call an attorney about a medical mistake because they are worried about the cost of an attorney or worried about the cost of a legal claim."   "The truth...Sweeney Law FirmIndiana Medication Errors | Medical Errors Help IndianaAccording to a 2006 Institute of Medicine report, medication errors harm an estimated 1.5 million people in the United States every year.  implementing a system a double-checking a patient's medication has been shown to detect more than 95 percent of potential medication errors If you or a loved one have...Sweeney Law FirmInformed Consent for Medical Procedures in IndianaVideo on informed consent related to medical procedures in Indiana Medical malpractice lawyer David Farnbauch discusses informed consent and how medical providers need to give you all the pertinent information regarding the medical procedures they will be performing on you.Video: Medical MalpracticeMedical MalpracticeHost 1: Welcome back to INSight, we are joined now by attorney Dave Farnbaugh and attorney and doctor Greg Kauffman. They are from the Sweeney Law Firm and we are talking about medical malpractice and medical errors and they’re causing a lot of issues. Not just issues, they’re causing a...Video: Medical Malpractice CasesMedical Malpractice CasesLEE KELSO The field of medical malpractice is one of the most specialized areas in all of law. Medical malpractice cases are among the most complex and difficult cases and there are not many lawyers who can handle these cases on a regular basis. With us today is a...Video: Medical Malpractice Limits in IndianaMedical Malpractice Limits in IndianaHost 1: Welcome back to InSight, we are joined now by Dave Farnbaugh from the Sweeney Law Firm. So Dave, there are some medical malpractice laws that are unique to Indiana and there have been a number of news stories lately regarding medical errors and medical malpractice. Tell us about...Video: Medical Negligence Lawyers IndianaMedical Negligence Lawyers IndianaPATIENT 1 The doctor told me that it was going to be a routine surgery. I have not been able to go back to work since surgery. NARRATOR Have you or a loved one been wrongfully hurt by a hospital or a doctor? Call us Now...Video: Medication ErrorsMedication ErrorsCHARITY FREEMAN According to the National Institute of Medicine July 2006 report medication errors harm an estimated one and a half million people in the United States each year causing upwards of three billion dollars in extra medical costs. Needless to say these are alarming numbers for  what seems to...