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Recent Developments in Indiana Malpractice Law

Latest video from Indiana medical malpractice lawyer Dave Farnbauch on the recent Developments in Indiana medical malpractice law.

Video talks about how the medical malpractice review system in Indiana is working.  It can take 2.3 years on average to get your medical malpractice case in front of the medial review panel and then have your case taken to court.  A panel of 3 physicians will review all documents from the parties to see if the case has merit. 

Preventable medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States.    There are things that patients can do to protect themselves from medical errors in Indiana.

A damages cap is set in Indiana of 1,250,000.  This means the max amount you can get is just over a million dollars, which is pretty low compared to other states.   The cap in Indiana hasn't been raised in 17 years and there is talk to move the cap up to over 2 million, which needs to happen to keep pace with inflation. 

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