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Sweeney Law FirmOutpatient Care Must Be Looked At, Along With HospitalsWhen most people think of medical care, they think of hospitals and nursing homes and other inpatient facilities. However, many people forget that many people need outpatient care as opposed to inpatient care and that medical errors can occur outside the hospital as well.Sweeney Law FirmOver testing due to Defensive MedicineUnnecessary health risks are being generated in patients because doctors are afraid of someone accusing them of not doing everything possible for a condition or “just in case” procedures and testing. Doctors order unnecessary tests out of a fear of missing something.These unnecessary tests are expensive for patients and health...Sweeney Law FirmPatient Sues After Surgeons Unable to Reattach TesticleSalisbury District Hospital is being sued by a 48 year old male patient after they removed the wrong testicle and failed at a reattachment attempt. This “never event” occurred in June of 2012. Similar incidences of wrong testicle surgeries happening in West Suffolk, England and West LA VA Medical Center,...Patients can challenge the "reasonableness" of hospital liensPatients can challenge the "reasonableness" of hospital liensBy David L. FarnbauchThe Indiana Supreme Court affirmed the right of hospital patients to challenge the "reasonableness" of hospital liens filed under Indiana's Hospital Lien Statute.Sweeney Law FirmPersonal Injury Case Includes Local Applebee’s RestaurantFollowing a tragic incident that left a six-year-old boy with severe brain damage, publicity is building over the inclusion of the Mansfield, Texas Applebee’s restaurant as part of the personal injury lawsuit. Six-year-old Abdallah Khader’s car was struck by a vehicle operated by Stewart Lee Richardson. Richardson was found to...Sweeney Law FirmPharmaceutical Company Recalling Empty CapsulesAurobindo Pharma USA is voluntarily recalling lot GESB14011-A of Gabapentin Capsules, USP 300 mg 100-count bottles to the consumer level. The product lot has been found to contain some empty capsules. Gabapentin is used as in the treatment of epilepsy and for the management of postherpetic neuralgia (pain after shingles).Empty...Sweeney Law FirmProgressive's #Fail in Social Media may be Warning to InsurersIn mid-August of 2012, Progressive Insurance Company lost their good reputation, satisfied customer ratings, and many customers due to a story of one of their customer’s claims being handled unethically. The brother of a deceased victim of a car accident used social media to shame Progressive Insurance in their handling...Sweeney Law FirmRadiology Company accused of Health Care FraudDiagnostic Labs of Burbank, CA is one of many companies in the last several years to have a False Claims suit filed against them by the federal government. Diagnostic Labs is Southern California’s largest clinical laboratory and radiology company. Sweeney Law FirmRecall: Carefusion EnVe Ventilators128 units of EnVe ventilators manufactured by Carefusion between December 2010 and May 2011 are part of recall that began on September 12, 2011. The model number of the faulty Carefusion ventilation unit is 19250-001. Ventilators are used in medical settings to perform the action of providing oxygen to the...Sweeney Law FirmRecall: Coopervision AVAIRA toric and sphere soft contact lensesApproximately 600,000 to 700,000 AVAIRA toric and sphere soft disposable daily wear contact lenses manufactured between the dates of November 1, 2010 to August 3, 2011 are part of a class 1 recall because of silicone oil residue contamination. The residue can result in: Hazy vision Discomfort Severe eye pain...