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Sweeney Law FirmNew England Compounding Center’s Other Drugs May be Causing Illness, FDA WarnsNew England Compounding Center of Framingham, Massachusetts manufactures and distributes a pharmaceutical known as methylprednisolone acetate that is used as an injectable treatment for back pain. This drug is contaminated with a fungus that has caused 214 people to be infected with meningitis and 15 have died so far in...Sweeney Law FirmNew Jersey Compounding Center Recalls All Products, Fearing Mold ContaminationMed Prep consulting, Inc. is a compounding pharmacy in New Jersey that specializes in intravenous pharmaceuticals. Recently they joined the ranks of compounding center notoriety that began with the meningitis outbreaks last fall from contaminated products distributed by a Massachusetts compounding center. Med Prep has voluntarily recalled lots of compounded...Sweeney Law FirmNew Required Electronic Stability Control for Trucks Could Save LivesFederal regulators have recently put in place a required ‘electronic stability control’ (ESC) law for all trucks and buses exceeding 26,000 pounds. It will apply to all new trucks in August 2017 and new buses in 2018. Sweeney Law FirmNew System for Patients to Report Medical MistakesNew System for Patients to Report Medical Mistakes This article outlines a new agency that the Obama administration will start to provide consumers a place to report patient safety events and concerns. Some research and reports suggest that up to a quarter of hospital patients experience “adverse events” with their...New York Times Find Issues at Pharmacies with Medication ErrorsBy Jack H. FarnbauchMany pharmacists at companies like CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens described understaffed and chaotic workplaces where they said it had become difficult to perform their jobs safely, putting the public at risk of medication errors.Sweeney Law FirmNursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Forces Company to Leave StateOne nursing home chain will no longer be operating in Kentucky, citing the state’s failure to pass legislation to protect nursing homes from lawsuits as the primary reason for leaving. Extendicare Health Services, Inc. announced it will no longer operate in Kentucky and will be leasing all of its 21...Sweeney Law FirmNursing Home Neglect Lawsuit Nets $3.2 MillionA Colorado nursing home neglect lawsuit has resulted in a $3.2 million award for the family of an elderly Parkinson’s patient who claims nursing home neglect led to the elderly man’s death. Eighty-eight year old Henry Frazier was moved to the facility in 2009, following his diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease,...Sweeney Law FirmOutpatient Care Must Be Looked At, Along With HospitalsWhen most people think of medical care, they think of hospitals and nursing homes and other inpatient facilities. However, many people forget that many people need outpatient care as opposed to inpatient care and that medical errors can occur outside the hospital as well.Sweeney Law FirmOver testing due to Defensive MedicineUnnecessary health risks are being generated in patients because doctors are afraid of someone accusing them of not doing everything possible for a condition or “just in case” procedures and testing. Doctors order unnecessary tests out of a fear of missing something.These unnecessary tests are expensive for patients and health...Sweeney Law FirmPatient Sues After Surgeons Unable to Reattach TesticleSalisbury District Hospital is being sued by a 48 year old male patient after they removed the wrong testicle and failed at a reattachment attempt. This “never event” occurred in June of 2012. Similar incidences of wrong testicle surgeries happening in West Suffolk, England and West LA VA Medical Center,...