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Indiana Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Power Company’s Liability for Malfunctioning StoplightBy Jack H. FarnbauchApril 1, 2020The Indiana Supreme Court justices heard oral arguments on the question of whether a utility company may face liability for people injured in a traffic crash in which a malfunctioning stop light played a role.Indiana County Hospitals Gaming Medicaid for Billions, Diverting from Nursing HomesBy Jack H. FarnbauchApril 1, 2020Indiana received $679 million last year in extra Medicaid payments to care for nursing home residents.Indiana Supreme Court Denies Transfer of Case Involving Altercation at Psychiatric Center with NurseBy Jack H. FarnbauchApril 1, 2020The Estate of Roy Martinez sued Oaklawn after Martinez died from injuries sustained in an altercation with Kennedy Kafatia, a resident assistant.Lawsuit for Indiana Toddler Against Royal Caribbean Can Proceed According to JudgeBy Jack H. FarnbauchMarch 17, 2020A lawsuit filed in federal court by the family of an Indiana toddler who fell to her death off a cruise ship is moving forward. Divided Supreme Court Rules in Bar’s Favor for Unforseen Fight in Parking LotBy Jack H. FarnbauchMarch 17, 2020As he was leaving Cavanaugh’s Sports Bar & Eatery one night, Eric Porterfield was left permanently blind after a fight broke out in the bar parking lot, prompting him to sue the eatery for negligence. Kroger Loses Slip and Fall Summary Judgment AppealBy Jack H. FarnbauchMarch 17, 2020Ruth Lomax allegedly tripped and fell on a doormat while exiting a Marion County Kroger store in May 2017, injuring her back, ankle, right knee and shoulder and acquiring more than $40,000 in medical expenses.Bad Faith Suit against Allstate ReinstatedBy Jack H. FarnbauchMarch 17, 2020After being involved in a car accident in which she was a passenger, Monika Schmidt sued her friend, Deborah Fisher, who had been driving.4-Year-Old Suit against Nursing Home DismissedBy Jack H. FarnbauchMarch 17, 2020Cindy Harding is attorney-in-fact for her mother, Joann Sartain, who has dementia and lived at the Prairie Lakes nursing home from February 2012 until February 2014. Does a Medical Malpractice Suit Change a Doctor’s Practice Habits?By Jack H. FarnbauchMarch 17, 2020A recent study reported that approximately 9 of 10 US physicians practice defensive medicine to avoid malpractice claims, which cost the United States an estimated $56 billion per year. Medical Device Kickback Scheme UncoveredBy Jack H. FarnbauchMarch 17, 2020An Indiana surgeon identified in the civil complaint only as "Dr. A" — and who performed surgeries in Hobart, Merrillville and Munster — generated "by far" more revenue for Huntley, Illinois-based Life Spine than any other physician.