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Mayor Threatens ‘Reckless Homicide’ Charge for Nursing Homes

By Jack H. FarnbauchMay 23, 2020

Fox News obtained a letter written by the Republican Mayor Jim Brainard of the 100,000-person city of Carmel, Ind., in which all assisted living and nursing home facility administrators were directed to be tested for COVID-19, the official term for the novel pathogen.

"One of our local labs now has the ability to quickly test a large number of people using the same test authorized by the CDC. Residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities are the most vulnerable citizens to COVID-19, and that is why we want to move quickly to coordinate testing of your staff," Brainard wrote.

"If a resident of one of your facilities has tested positive for having the virus, then all residents in that facility should be tested as well."

However, Brainard told Fox News that he was left with little choice but to send a local police officer to hand-deliver a letter to one prominent elder care facility which failed to act and did not respond to calls and emails from his office. That letter came with an especially severe threat: reckless homicide, another term for negligent homicide.

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