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Sweeney Law FirmFort Wayne motorcycle accident leaves 1 dead and 1 injuredOne motorcyclist was killed and another was critically injured after after a double motorcycle accident at 4 a.m. on May 28th. The police believe that the two motorcyclists came in contact with each other at a high rate of speed while heading westbound on Illinois Road near the intersection at...Sweeney Law FirmHealth Buzz: Bed Bugs may Carry MRSAIn a recent study of bed bugs removed from patients in Vancouver’s St. Paul Hospital, all 5 bed bugs were carrying bacteria that were resistant to antibiotics. Three of the bed bugs contained MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus). Two of the bed bugs carried VRE (vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium). Further studies need...Sweeney Law FirmHigh BPA Levels in Kids Linked to Risk for Heart, Kidney Damage, Study FindsBPA is the common name for the compound bisphenol A. BPA is used to line aluminum cans for food packaging, is found to leach out of some plastics when heat is applied (baby bottles included), and is also used as one of the starting materials in resin composite dental fillings...Sweeney Law FirmHolidays and Traffic AccidentsHolidays are an increased time for car accidents because more people are on the roads. There is also a greater likelihood that alcohol has been consumed by motorists. The severity of accidents also has a correlation to the time of day it occurs. This time of day and accidents relationship...Sweeney Law FirmHospital Acquired Infections--The Real StoryThe article says that one in twenty hospitalizations results in a hospital-acquired infection (HAI). Annually, it is thought that 100,000 deaths are attributable to HAI. The simple but effective practice of frequent hand washing is a great way to lower incidences of HAI. A company that has utilized remote video...Sweeney Law FirmHospitals Question Fairness of New Medicare RuleNew health management regulations that began in October 2012 involve more follow up care for patients in an effort to reduce numbers of people being readmitted to hospitals. Criticism is growing for the government program and requirements that penalizes hospitals for readmissions after treating certain illnesses (heart attack, heart failure,...Sweeney Law FirmHow to Report and Resolve Problems in Nursing HomesReporting Problems in Indiana Nursing Homes If you have a problem at a nursing home, talk to the staff involved. The staff may not know there's a problem unless you tell them. Video: How to Select the Right Nursing HomeHow to Select the Right Nursing HomeHost: Welcome back to INSight. We are joined now by Dave Farnbaugh from the Sweeney Law Firm and we're talking about something that’s really important to a lot of people my age, choosing a nursing home for our loved ones. People my age as our parents get to their older...Sweeney Law FirmIn Gun Debate, a Bigger Role Seen for InsurersThis article is about states considering mandatory liability insurance for gun owners. The states pondering such legislation are California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, and Pennsylvania. The measure is seen as an incentive for safe, responsible gun ownership. Irresponsible gun owners would face high premiums for the liability insurance, or...Sweeney Law FirmIN Man’s Med Mal Claim for “Continuing Wrong” DeniedThe Indiana Court of Appeals denied a patient’s claim of malpractice in favor of a physician and a medical group after the patient learned his allergic reactions were caused by the disinfectant used by the doctor.