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Sweeney Law FirmEmotional Distress can be heard by trial courtIndiana Court of Appeals rules that Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress in a hospital can be heard by trial court An appeal to the Indiana Court of Appeals was handed down on September 26, 2014. Originally a Marion County Superior Court civil case, the Indiana Court of Appeals decided that...Sweeney Law FirmEmployer was not Vicariously Liable for Employee who was Driving Home from Work MeetingCurt Carlson and his employer, Jim Krampen, owner of Seven Corners, a hotel in Carmel, Indiana, met with a client at the hotel.  They consumed alcohol and had dinner. Sweeney Law FirmExpert Testimony to Rebut Medical Review Panel’sINDIANA MEDICAL MALPRACTICE CASES In June 2010, Lloyd Perry filed with the Department of Insurance a proposed complaint alleging malpractice by a number of physicians and other healthcare providers and amended it in January 2011 to add more defendants.Sweeney Law FirmFailure to Diagnose Colon Cancer case verdict is $1.25 millionOn April 12, 2012, the Court of Appeals of Indiana upheld a $1.25 million verdict in which the 35 year old plaintiff Jeffrey Wayne Davis, alleged that his gastroenterologist failed to timely diagnose his colon cancer.Sweeney Law FirmFamily of Mt. Carmel Student Killed in Indiana Fight Files LawsuitIn an altercation at the beach, one teen was killed when punched by another. The family of the deceased teen has filed a lawsuit against the teen who threw the punch, his sister, and his mother.  The suit alleges the defendant and his sister were drunk and that she instigated...Sweeney Law FirmFatal Occupational Injuries Statistics (2009) from Statistic BrainFirstly, this website has stats on nearly anything a person could ever wish to know. The only drawback is that the data does not cover the last couple of years. Statistics for fatal occupational injuries in 2009 totalled 4,551. Of this total, nearly 93% of the fatal injuries happened to...Sweeney Law FirmFDA Warns of a Major Risk with St. Jude Heart DeviceThe FDA issued a Class I recall for St. Jude Medical, AMPLATZER TorqVue FX Delivery System on January 18, 2013. The wire insulation for the device may be faulty in some instances and could cause serious injury or death. The device is meant to repair holes in the heart atria...Sweeney Law FirmFederal Watchdog Report Says Medicare Paid $5.1B to Nursing Homes Offering Poor CareNursing homes across the country received what amounted to $5.1B in 2009 for providing substandard care to residents. Many facilities did not adhere to or follow care guidelines set by federal groups assigned to setting  and policing nursing home standards. An estimated third of Medicare recipient patients who needed nursing...Sweeney Law FirmFlorida Rejects Arbitration of Wrongful Death Claim Against Nursing Home; Issue Remains Open in IndianaA recent decision of the Florida Supreme Court ruled that a man’s wrongful death claim against the nursing home where his uncle died could proceed in court and was not required to go to arbitration, despite a clause in the nursing home admissions contract that called for arbitration of all...Sweeney Law FirmFort Wayne Dog Attack LawyersAggressive dogs can be a very costly and dangerous thing to own. Dog bites accounted for more than one-third of all homeowners insurance liability claim dollars paid out in 2012, costing nearly $490 million, according to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) and State Farm, the largest...