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CEO of American Senior Communities, James Burkhart, was sentenced to prison time.Nursing Home CEO Receives Long Sentence for Illegal KickbacksBy Jack H. FarnbauchJuly 4, 2018The CEO was sentenced to more than nine years in prison.Low-cost surgery centers have high instances of medical malpractice.Low Cost Surgery Centers Notorious for Widespread Medical MalpracticeBy Jack H. FarnbauchJuly 2, 2018Outpatient facilities have high instances of minor-to-fatal complications.The Indiana Court of Appeals reversed in the case.Summary Judgment for Steak ‘n Shake in Patron's Shooting ReversedBy Jack H. FarnbauchJuly 1, 2018Amber Hamilton was shot while trying to calm an altercation between her brother and another man.An intoxicated driver caused a motorcycle accident.Appeals Court Upholds $9 Million Dollar Judgment for Man Injured by Drunk DriverBy Jack H. FarnbauchFebruary 28, 2018Krohn was intoxicated when he pulled out of a parking lot causing the crash.The former Logansport doctor was part of the pill mill at Wagoner Medical CenterPill-mill Doctor Seeks Medical License ReinstatementBy Jack H. FarnbauchFebruary 28, 2018The doctor was previously fined for $500 for not disclosing a malpractice settlement.The Cleveland Clinic is investigating colorectal surgeon, Dr. Ryan WilliamsOhio Medical Board Investigating Former Cleveland Clinic Surgeon over Rape AllegationsBy Jack H. FarnbauchFebruary 28, 2018Dr. Ryan Williams was subpoenaed to produce medical records in the two alleged rape cases. bank check exampleHow Lawsuit Funds are DispersedBy Jack H. FarnbauchFebruary 28, 2018Once a settlement or judgment is reached in the personal injury case, the attorney and recipient must evaluate whether to have the funds distributed outright to a plaintiff or to use a structured settlement or a supplemental needs trust, or a combination of both. The client, as well as the attorney, must consider some very serious factors. pills with a syringeOpioids are Top Type of Medication Accounting for the Most Medical Malpractice ClaimsBy Jack H. FarnbauchFebruary 28, 2018Opioid painkillers account for more medical-malpractice claims related to drug errors than any other drug class, according to a new study recently released by the medical liability insurer Coverys. This study also illustrates the far-reaching effects of the opioid abuse epidemic.allenbrooke nursing and rehabilitation center buildingNursing Home Care Suffers as Profits Rise for Corporate OwnersBy Jack H. FarnbauchFebruary 28, 2018According to a malpractice lawsuit brought against Allenbrooke Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, a scarcity of resources including a $2 million deficit on its books in 2009 and a shortage of nurses and aides is at least partially to blame. “Sometimes we’d be short of diapers, sheets, linens,” one nurse testified.personal injury law document next to gavelMedical Provider Jukes Statute of Limitations and Gets Suit Thrown OutBy Jack H. FarnbauchFebruary 28, 2018The estate of Margo Sue Rumell sued an ambulance service and EMTs individually after she was treated for a medical episode she experienced while boating on Simonton Lake in Elkhart on July 19, 2013. EMTs from Osolo Emergency Medical Services Inc. sought to resuscitate her, including putting in a endotracheal breathing tube. A coroner’s verdict concluded the cause of Rumell’s death was an abnormal enlargement of the heart “complicated by moderate coronary artery disease; and by the placement of the esophageal endotracheal tube.” The final coroner’s report did not mention where the endotracheal tube was placed.