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165 medical professionals were found to be committing fraude.“Largest Healthcare Fraud Crackdown in American History” Busts 165 Medical Professionals By Jack H. FarnbauchAugust 3, 2018The schemes are alleged to include over $2B in false billings.A semi crashed into a passenger vehicle, forcing him into the intersection.Northwest Indiana Jury Awards $16.5 to Motorist Injured by Distracted Truck DriverBy Jack H. FarnbauchAugust 2, 2018The driver of an 18-wheeler was texting when he smashed into the back of Binkowski's vehicle, forcing him through an intersection.A doctor failed to keep adequate records of patient history.Podiatrist Who Failed to Keep Adequate Records Still Released from LawsuitBy Jack H. FarnbauchJuly 30, 2018Dr. Kleinman's recordkeeping did not meet the applicable standard for a medical malpractice ruling.exterior of courthouseIndiana Court of Appeals Throws out Plaintiff’s Suit for Missing Statute of LimitationsBy Jack H. FarnbauchJuly 27, 2018Indiana Trial Rule 15(C) mandates amended claims be filed within 120 days of notice.Lawsuit alleges both doctor and drug maker created opioid addiction for patientLawsuit Alleges Both Doctor and Drug Maker Created Opioid Addiction for PatientBy Jack H. FarnbauchJuly 25, 2018The 2018 lawsuit outlines how healthcare providers and drug manufacturers work together to get patients addicted to opioids for profit.Wrecked motorcycle laying on the roadState Farm On the Hook for Bad Faith and Fraud Perpetrated Against Their Own InsuredBy Jack H. FarnbauchJuly 23, 2018An offer to settle the case for $40,000 was rejected by the plaintiff and his wife.The wrongful death suit was filed after an accident on SR 25Court of Appeals Allows Negligence Claim to Proceed Against Road Construction CompanyBy Jack H. FarnbauchJuly 19, 2018The wrongful death lawsuit was allowed to proceed after it survived the appeals process. State Licensing Boards fail to background medical professionals.Plaintiff Fails to Follow Medical Malpractice Act and Case is Thrown OutBy Jack H. FarnbauchJuly 12, 2018The Medical Licensing Board of Indiana only used the database twice to background medical professionals in 2017.Medical Boards fail to background medical professionals.Database of Medical Malpractice Judgments Routinely Ignored by State Licensing BoardsBy Jack H. FarnbauchJuly 10, 2018The Medical Licensing Board of Indiana only ran two searches in the database in 2017.Nursing homes are overprescribing antipsychotic drugs.Report States that Nursing Homes Vastly Overprescribing Antipsychotic Drugs By Jack H. FarnbauchJuly 5, 2018179,000 residents were issued antipsychotics despite not being diagnosed with mental illness.