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​Woman Files Medical Malpractice Case for Failure to Recognize 50 Pound Cyst

By Jack H. FarnbauchOctober 4, 2018

In the summer of 2017, Kayla Rahn began gaining weight inexplicably. Shortly thereafter, she began experiencing serious pain and noticed that her stomach was hard. Kayla’s doctor told her she just needed to lose weight. Kayla tried, but despite her efforts to eat healthier and go to the gym, she kept gaining weight. When she went to work out, she would immediately lose her breath. Kayla spoke to four doctors, none of whom identified the mass growing in her ovary.

On May 25, 2018, Kayla was writhing in pain and her mother forced her to go to the emergency room. Once there, Dr. Gregory Jones did a CT scan and a cyst was found right away.  General surgeon Dr. Reza Seirafi took over and Kayla had surgery the next day, which took longer than 1½ hours. When it was over, Dr. Seirafi had removed a 50-pound mucinous cystadenoma, which is a type of cyst known for producing a large mass in the pelvis. The cyst that was removed resembled a watermelon.

Kayla is now filing a medical malpractice suit against the four doctors who failed to diagnose her. Kayla also hopes that her story will inspire patients to seek a second opinion and also bring a loved one to appointments with them. Kayla says "If you're seeing a doctor and you're not getting answers you feel are appropriate, go to another doctor." She also says,  that a friend or family member "can give a point of view that sometimes you're not giving" when it comes to your symptoms or background.

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