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Holidays and Traffic Accidents

Holidays are an increased time for car accidents because more people are on the roads. There is also a greater likelihood that alcohol has been consumed by motorists. The severity of accidents also has a correlation to the time of day it occurs. This time of day and accidents relationship is the same whether it is a holiday or a regular workday. Less severe accidents generally happen during the day when there is likely to be gridlock type of traffic, where speed is not as much of a factor. More severe accidents happen at night due to less traffic, the ability to go faster, and the propensity for alcohol to be involved. Eleven pm to four am are the hours when the deadliest accidents occur. 

Rural areas are more conducive to fatal accidents as more open areas mean motorists can travel at greater speeds, seat belts are less likely to be worn, and there is a much longer time for emergency response.

The article also gives the personal stories of two families that lost loved one on holidays. Statistics for car-related fatalities during the top four deadliest holidays of 2010 were: Thanksgiving (431 deaths); Labor day (403 deaths); July fourth (392 deaths); and Christmas (259 deaths). 

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