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$3 Million Award in Indiana Drunk Driving Lawsuit

August 28, 2011

In May 2006, Robin Chaplin’s 23 year-old son Charles McAlhaney was killed in a drunk driving car accident in New Castle, Indiana. Charles was pronounced dead on the scene after 42 year-old Samera K. Copas’ vehicle collided with his sport utility vehicle. Henry County police stated that the vehicle collision occurred after Copas ran a stop sign while driving under the influence. Copas also suffered severe injuries in the car accident

Copas was originally charged with reckless homicide and causing death when driving under the influence of both alcohol and a controlled substance. Copas eventually pleaded guilty to three felony counts in 2010 and is currently serving a nine year sentence as a result of his reckless behavior.

On August 25th, 2011, a Henry County Circuit Court jury in the court of Judge Mary G. Willis awarded Robin Chaplin $3 million for the loss of an adult child. The personal injury verdict is one of the largest awarded in Indiana in 2011.

The law firm representing Robin Chaplin worked on the case pro-bono after a referral from MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). Robin’s lawyer commented “...While even a large jury award like this cannot replace C.J.'s life, it helps bring closure to his family.”

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